“She was always smiling from the way he made her feel. He was hot, dark and steamy. He made her life have meaning. She couldn’t live without him, and she didn’t want to…



Coffee. He was Coffee.” – Author Unknown

I love this quote because it describes exactly how I feel about coffee. I’m crazy about it! I love coffee and I feed my soul everyday with a cup or two of hot, steamy joe. I’m sure there’s at least a few coffee lovers out there who completely agree!

Coffee’s rep has both beneficial and detrimental claims. A lot of research has been conducted on coffee, it’s benefits, and it’s disadvantages in our lives. I want to touch base on the many benefits we overlook in coffee consumption and usage to shed a little insightful light on coffee. First, let’s try debunking some of these so-called health risks…


Possible Health Risks:

“Possible” being the operative word here… There’s been a number of studies linked to coffee consumption and health problems:

  • Bladder and Pancreatic Cancer – in the past, there had been a lot of studies linking coffee consumption to cancers of the bladder, the pancreas, and a few others, but in more recent years, studies have refuted these claims. Many of those old studies actually used weak research methodologies, and are therefore not typically consider viable in the scientific community anymore. If you believe cancer can be caused by coffee, you might want to do a little digging on these studies before running home about it.
  • Esophageal Cancer – According to a medical blog posted by Robert Shmerling, MD, there is a recently released reporting from the WHO that has “raised concerns that drinking coffee (or other beverages) at temperatures higher than 149° F may increase the risk of esophageal cancer”. In the blog post, Shmerling goes on to point out that this finding is not unique to coffee, it’s unique to the temperature that coffee is consumed at. Drinking beverages, in general, at temperatures so can have adverse effects on the body, period. Whether it be tea, water, or coffee, try to keep beverages below 149° F.
  • Cardiovascular Disease – findings surrounding coffee consumption and cardiovascular disease have also been found with holes in the research. Excessive coffee consumption can lead to elevated blood pressure and fast or abnormal heart rhythms, naturally as there’s caffeine present. Other studies show coffee as being beneficial in REDUCING the risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke, so the conflicting reports can be confusing! Rule of thumb: too much of anything is never a good thing, so don’t over do it. Caffeine does cause some speedy or jittery feelings, can increase anxiety, and, since it’s a diuretic, it can cause an increase in urination frequency. Drink a cup or two a day, instead of the 4+, and you should be fine!

Health Benefits in Drinking Coffee

Moderate coffee consumption has actually been linked to an 8% to 15% reduction in risk of death, according to Professional Heart Daily. Other studies have shown reduction in heart and cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, uterine and liver cancer, cirrhosis, and gout, among others! Coffee is also an antioxidant, so don’t feel guilty about drinking a little coffee everyday.

Coffee and Your Skin

Did you know that external use of coffee and coffee based products could be beneficial to your skin? If you didn’t, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised!

Antioxidant – As mentioned before, coffee is an antioxidant. Coffee, coffee grounds, and coffee products are a great detox for skin. Bonus: antioxidants help fight premature aging of skin due to the sun, heat, pollution, and fights free radicals!

Promotes Circulation – External coffee use promotes improved circulation. Make a homemade coffee scrub with used coffee ground and coconut oil and gently massage your body.

Minimizes Cellulite – Using the same kind of technique mentioned above, or any gentle exfoliating technique with coffee, it’ll help improve elasticity and minimize cellulite, all while tightening skin!

Calms Skin – Sounds funny considering coffee is such a stimulant, but coffee used externally can actually calm red and inflamed skin. Coffee is a antioxidant and diuretic, so it’s also a great treatment for Rosacea for this exact calming reason.

Brightens Skin – Since coffee can increase circulation and blood flow, it will actually make your skin appear more radiant, bright, and alive!

Treatment for Dark Circles – Using coffee based products or placing coffee grounds under eyes can help minimize visible dark circles. The anti-inflammatory properties in coffee will reduce puffiness and inflammation, and it will reduce the accumulation of blood under eyes which can contribute to dark shadows.

Improves Hair Shine and Hair Growth – Coffee can stimulate hair growth by stimulating the hair root follicles. Caffeine, coffee based products can not only strengthen hair, but will make hair more shiny and manageable.

Deodorizes – That’s right. Coffee can deodorize and neutralize smells such a fish, onion, and garlic. I eat and cook a lot with these ingredients so I use coffee soap in the kitchen on my hands and in the shower to help eliminate any smells associated with them.



Are the the benefits of coffee not amazing?! I make coffee soap on a regular basis for sale, gifting, and for personal use all of the time. It smells amazing and its naturally exfoliating. It’s perfect for my coffee lover’s soul, I use it on a daily basis, and I absolutely love it. It’s actually probably my best seller because everyone that has tried loves it too. Feel free to check out my Coffee Lovers Gift Basket!



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