Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use

If you’re recently engaged, you no-doubt have a ton of details for your big day running through your mind.

Wedding favors tend to be one of those last minute details that couples scramble to put together.

Looking for ideas but want to make sure you’re guests will actually like them? Skip the boring, overplayed monogrammed items and get them something they will either use or is perfect for them to re-gift!

25 Wedding Favor Ideas

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a great option! Guests are just dying to get off their fancy footwear and cut a rug on the dance floor. These are also perfect for a beach themed wedding. AND!… they’re completely affordable.

Succulents or Potted Plants

Succulents or small panted plants is such a cute favor idea. These can be herbs or flowers, you name it! Guests can take them home and use them or re-gift them easily. If you plan in advance, these can be planted by seed and customized on your own. Or buying small plants in a nursery can easily do the trick.


Liquor is usually a big hit with guests. Everyone likes getting the little nips in a small bag, well, unless they’re recovering alcoholics. Not always the cheapest option, but it depends on what kind of liquor you’re providing.


Spices are a great wedding favor idea because everyone needs spices in the kitchen at home. If these are presented in cute canisters, jars, or bags, they would also be re-gifted. Someone is bound to use this affordable and easy DIY favor!

Candy Bags

Another big hit as a wedding favor is when you simply go straight for the sweet tooth. Candy! Everyone loves candy, unless they’re diabetic or anti-sugar. Either way, though, someone is bound to eat the gift. Whether re-gifted or gobbled up by the guest themselves, candy is almost a sure gift that won’t go to waste.

Honey, Jam, or Jelly

Especially if you have a barn style or country style wedding, Jam, Jelly, or Honey is almost always a hit, especially if it’s local. Guests will be thrilled to take small jars home with them, largely because this favor would always be easy to re-gift to a neighbor, friend, or loved one.


One of my own favorite ideas is herbs! Like spices, herbs are used heavily in the kitchen, in teas, and in room for light aroma. Little bags of dried lavender, rosemary, and the like will be a hit at any wedding!

Donations to a Cause in Their Name

If you really want to give the gift that keeps on giving, maybe consider buying 1$ donations in the guests honor. Present them with paper ‘receipts’ of the donations you made to a cause of your choice. Just make sure the cause won’t ruffle too many favors of your guests. Picking a cause can sometimes be tricky, but follow your heat and you will be fine!

Bottles of Pop

An easy one is buying small glass bottles of soda (pop) and tying bows and tags around them. Hand them out to guests for a refreshing beverage. This option is cheap, affordable, and widely received by guests.


So long as you don’t go cheesy and do tiny little tea candles, this is a knock out wedding favor idea. Go soy to make sure you cover the crunchies attending your wedding. Get them custom made, or buy locally to make these a special and classy gift for guests!

Flavored Popcorn

This can be gourmet popcorn that is purchased, or a DIY project that should be easy and affordable. Popcorn is loved by guests and is an easy snack for any children that might attend the wedding.

Lotto Tickets

Seems like a no-brainer, huh? Lottery tickets… who would say no to that?! Guests will love getting a lottery ticket, and even if they don’t win, it’s fun to try and push your luck for anyone!

Tea, Coffee, or Hot Cocoa

Another classy option is to simply provide small canisters, jars, or bags full of beverage choices; tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. Everyone loves these kinds of beverages, and if they don’t like the particular one you choose, someone else easily will enjoy it. It’s an easy gift to re-gift for guests, so you can be certain your favors won’t go to waste.


Not only is this option cheap, but it’ll help keep your guests hydrated! Especially if you are having an outdoor, midsummer wedding, water is sure to be a hit, and no one DOESN’T drink it. You can even order water with the labels customized for your wedding. Affordable, useful, personalized… you have to love that idea!


Yay! My personal specialty! I guess I should quickly disclose that I’m personally biased towards this option since this is the bulk of wedding favors that my company sells. Soap is SUCH a useful and beautiful wedding favor, and is my personal passion! Of course I’m going to boost about this option! Everyone uses soap, whether in the shower, as their hand soap, or in the guest bathroom, it’s sure to get used.

I make soaps making all natural ingredients; no artificial dyes or fragrances, only essential oils and minerals. Even if your guests don’t end up liking the particular scent of soap that they end up with, they’ll either put it in the guest bathroom or easily re-gift it to family or a friend. Guests will love receiving an all natural gift that they’re sure to use!


Cashews, pecan, walnuts, or trail mix! Guests will love getting nuts as a wedding favor. The only concern with nuts is allergies. It’s easy to avoid the common peanuts and almonds, but I would still make sure guests don’t have allergies (especially children) before making this your wedding favor. Still, this is an affordable and easy option for a wedding favor that is almost sure to be hit with most guests!

Lip Balm

Lip balm, especially if personalized (not monogrammed) to match your wedding and personal style, is a wonderful way to thank guests for attending your special day! Have it custom made or DIY if you have the time, craftiness, and patience for that kind of activity. Just make sure to buy extra materials and ingredients if this turns into a DIY project, trust me when i say that making products always goes wrong the first time around. You might be better off just ordering them custom made.


The perfect after meal treat for any guests; mints! Have them in personalized wrappers or tins to add your very own special touch. easy, cheap, and lovable by all.

Olive Oil

This one I love! Whether just small little bottles of olive oil or flavored olive oil, this one is sure to be hit. This favor may end up being a little on the pricey side if you get gourmet oils, so you may want to buy in bulk and then fill the jars yourself or flavor them yourself using herbs or essential oils. Just make sure to do your research before making anything flavored for the safety of your guests!


Yeah, bub! Chips are a huge hit, especially if they’re from a local (state local) company. Everyone loves snacking, so why wouldn’t your guests?! This is an affordable options that is sure to not go to waste.


You can have special envelopes or packets made, personalized to your wedding. This is such an affordable, and cute idea because it promotes the growth of future… just like your special day!

Bottle Openers & Cork Screws

Bottle openers or corn screws… yeah, guests love this one and I’ve witnessed it first hand. In fact, i know a few friends that still have the bottle opener magnets they got, in the shape of a key, from a friends wedding almost a decade ago… still on their fridge and used often to this day! These kinds of gifts won’t go unused or at least re-gifted. Just don’t personalize them too much if you want to see them in your guests kitchens someday.


Again, snack time! Everyone loves snacks, and chocolates are not only classic, but loved by most. In little bags or tins, adding gourmet chocolates, or even homemade for the crafty DIY’ers, chocolates are sure to be hit!

Chopping or Cheese Boards

This one could get pricey, but it’s a really classy option. Cheese boards or nice cutting boards is a wonderful option to thank your wedding guests for sharing your day, and they are sure to love it. These will obviously get used and your guests will be too impressed to not mention the favors later on in conversation.


Everyone uses totes. I use them to go shopping, to haul my stuff to the beach, or to just toss things in for work. Everyone, yes everyone, uses totes. Guests will love these and they’ll be sure to use them!


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